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 Bach Flower Therapy is a healing system designed to balance our emotional state. Life is filled with challenges, and our emotions or intentions can be quite confusing at times. Bach Flower Therapy not only helps us be more balanced and at peace through all the challenges we come across in life, it also helps us get to know ourselves better, little by little "peeling the onion" to get to the root of our being. In a society where we tend to look for solutions outside of ourselves, the Bach Flower Therapy provides us with gentle yet powerful tools to improve our lives by healing from within.


60 min consultation $80

Bach Flower Consultations are designed to help you bring clarity into a particular life situation and how you deal with it. It is helpful whenever you feel stuck, afraid, worried, depressed, tired, lack confidence, any negative emotional state or situation you can't seem to get out of. Within the Bach system, there are 38 flower remedies, each corresponding to a specific state of being. They are safe to use, are non-addictive and have no side-effects. 


During a consultation, we focus on the now to find the remedies correlating to your current emotional state, moods and personality traits. I will then show you how to prepare your own personalized formula, which will accompany you on your journey for the following 3 to 4 weeks. 


by appointment only

Zoom - FaceTime® - Phone


Marjorie introduced me to Bach Flower Remedies in the summer earlier this year and I have been using the Remedies, with the assistance of Marjorie, since then. The use of the remedies alongside the consultations have been a revealing self exploratory experience in terms of emotional growth and wellbeing. For someone who would prefer not to "feel her own feelings" these sessions have helped me to identify and understand, with gentleness, a large range of emotions I never knew I had or had never explored and dealt with. There have been monumental revelations! Our consultations feel less like a traditional therapy session but rather a chat with a dear friend. Marjorie brings so much passion, enthusiasm and compassion to her work and I am thankful to her and to the universe who put us on the path to meet."​              

- Marian, 33 y old, U.K.

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