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BodyTalk is a simple and effective form of energy medicine which utilizes the body's innate healing ability to address health challenges and maintain good health. When a body is operating at its optimal level, each system, cell and atom is in constant communication with one another at all times. Through exposure to the stresses of everyday life, these lines of communication become compromised, which can lead to a decline in physical, emotional or mental health. The principle of BodyTalk is to restore communication to balance the whole bodymind complex.


60 min session $80


During a BodyTalk session, I use a form of muscle testing to establish communication. Once the priority areas are identified, linking is done at a consciousness level, and techniques such as light tapping over the 3 brains are used to facilitate and store the changes. Because BodyTalk is a priority-based system, nothing is done that the body's innate healing ability isn't ready to handle: there is no negative or unpleasant side effects. Only an overall feeling of balance and relaxation. 


by appointment only

30 min session + 15 min feedback


"I am 64 years old and I have been using the Bach Flower Remedies for over a year, which allowed me to improve my emotional state, with less anxieties, less uneasiness, and more self-confidence. The Bach flowers have become my allies and I want to thank Marjorie for her benevolent listening and her informed advice."                                                      

- L.D., 64 ans, France

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