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What are Flower Remedies?


Flower remedies are water-based preparations that contain the energy signature of the flower. They are known to have therapeutic properties to address emotional or mental imbalances.


Who created Flower Remedies and where do they come from?


Edward Bach was a renowned orthodox doctor in London in the early 1900s. After developing an interest in Homeopathy, he felt medicine wrongly focused on the disease alone instead of the patient as a whole. Believing that symptoms of an illness were a manifestation of underlying emotional issues creating imbalances in the body, he gave up his lucrative practice in 1930 to focus on a new system of healing through nature. That is how the 38 Flower Remedies of Dr Bach were born.


How are Flower Remedies made?


Flower remedies are made by soaking flowers in clear spring water for several hours under the sun. The flowers are then discarded, the water is collected and mixed with Brandy (traditionally used by Dr Bach as a preservative) to create the flower remedy.


How do Flower Remedies work?


Flower remedies work on an energetic level. They affect the deeper levels of our being. Their vibrational energy connects with our own vibrations and helps balance our mental or emotional states.  They can help bring clarity, support, harmony, balance, in any challenging situations. Just like many of Nature’s miracles, we have no scientific answers yet as to how flower remedies ‘work’. The main theory lies in the capacity of water to ‘memorize’ the vibrational resonance of the flowers.



How do I know which Flower Remedies to use?


Flower remedies are best selected with a specific intention in mind. It requires a minimum of self-reflection and awareness. Once the current emotional state and difficulties to be addressed are identified, the flower remedy or remedy combination can be selected accordingly. A thorough description of each remedy can be found on the official Bach Centre website.


If not familiar with the Bach flower remedies or unsure of the process of using them, it is best to consult with a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner to give proper guidance. Today there are over 3,000 registered practitioners in over 60 countries, available to find and contact here.   



How do I take Flower Remedies?


The basic posology is 4 drops directly on the tongue, a minimum of 4 times a day -each sitation and person being unique, posology may need to be adjusted accordingly. The drops can also be added to water and sipped through the day (recommended for people sensitive to alcohol). It can also be used externally: in a bath, in a spray bottle, on a pillow, etc.


How long should I take Flower Remedies for?


It depends. For acute situation (specific stress or immediate trauma), the effects should be quasi-immediate. If no change occurs, a different remedy might be considered. For more chronic issues (such as depression), three to four weeks are usually necessary to experience changes. In some cases the same remedy or remedy combination can even be taken for months at a time. The help of a practitioner might be necessary to help assess the specific needs of a person.


Are there possible side effects taking Flower Remedies?


Flower remedies are non-toxic and safe to use. The only thing that can happen is literally nothing! If the flower remedies chosen is not the one needed at the time, simply nothing will happen. The only side effect possible is if taking huge quantities at a time and be affected by the brandy or alcohol used to preserve them. 


Are Flower Remedies safe for anyone?


Because they are completely natural and non-toxic, they can be used by anyone. Kids, elderly, pregnant women, pets and even plants can safely benefit from them. Alcohol-free remedies  are also available.

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